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Some processes in the company require the involvement of resources far exceeding their real value to a business. Do laborious and time-consuming tasks that are not essential to your business prevent you from focusing on what really matters to your company? Pass them on to us!

The essence of outsourcing is to hire a ‘job’, not an employee, which means that you only pay for the tasks we complete. As the supplier, PowerJobs is responsible for the timeliness and quality of the services provided, so you can focus all your attention on the development of the key aspects of business.      

Outsourcing services which we can offer you:





bulk breaking

handling warehouse processes

and many more. Give us a call and find out more about how we can help you!

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How you can benefit:

  • Measurable personnel and financial savings – we reduce the financial costs related to maintaining unprofitable or seasonal employment. Your company does not have to bear the costs of holidays, health & safety training courses or other similar fixed costs – office space, depreciation of equipment, phone calls and utilities.      
  • Effective use of working time – our employees work when there is a specific task to be done – without overtime, and also on Saturdays and Sundays, if required.      
  • Increased efficiency of your business – we help you with routine and time-consuming tasks, which frees you up to focus on strategic business goals.      
  • Time freed up in your Human Resources Department – we take responsibility for the entire recruitment process and finding the right employees, e.g. for seasonal jobs. As a result, your Human Resources Department has more time for its key activities.      
  • An unlimited period of cooperation – we carry out a task or process according to the schedule.      

Step-by-step guide to outsourcing

Meeting Meeting during the first meeting we will collect all the information which we need to determine your needs and expectations. Based on this, we will find the best solution for you.      
Presentation of the offer Presentation of the offer within two days we will present you our offer of outsourcing cooperation with a description of the solution and the final terms and conditions.      
Process implementation Process implementation we will acquire and delegate people to work on specific tasks at your company. We will assign you an individual coordinator who will be a contact person for you and our employees, as well as being responsible for project implementation.      
Reporting Reporting after the month has ended, you will receive a report and statement of costs from us in accordance with the contract.      


Cooperation with PowerJobs is valuable to our company. As part of the contract, PowerJobs provides logistics services in our warehouses and, as part of employee leasing deals, in recruitment, employment, as well as further HR and payroll services for Temporary Employees. PowerJobs is above all a trustworthy company. A solid foundation for this trust has been built through a professional approach, dedication and the reliable, transparent exchange of information. Thanks to these factors, we are highly satisfied with the standard of cooperation, and the candidates recommended by PowerJobs meet our requirements.

Value Added Services Manager

Sokpol Sp. z o.o.

Cooperation began in 2015 and continues to this day, due to our satisfaction and the benefits derived from cooperation. As part of the contract, PowerJobs Sp. z o.o. provides pallet picking outsourcing services. The involvement of PowerJobs Temporary Employment Agency has meant reliable service. Proof of the high standard of cooperation is the involvement of PowerJobs in subsequent tasks that we perform directly within the company. It is worth adding that the specificity of our work requires great flexibility, quick and decisive decisions, as well as frequent contact with employees. We can undoubtedly say that PowerJobs has proved to be excellent in this respect.

Michał Dojerski Director of the Finished Products and Raw Materials Warehouse

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